Palatal Anchorage is a very popular and rapidly growing area of orthodontics in Australia, as it has proven to be a very reliable method of establishing stable anchorage for a variety of orthodontic indications, without requiring patient compliance.

PSM Medical Solutions is the innovator and market leader of solutions for skeletal anchorage and has consistently developed new products, to make this type of treatment as user friendly as possible.

In terms of electronic gadgetry, one of their most technologically advanced products is their ISD900 Cordless Battery Screwdriver (manufactured by NSK). It makes the insertion and removal of BENEfit (and QUATTRO) TADs quick and precise by providing the correct amount of torque, making it a must for regular users of the BENEfit system – not only is it easy to control but it’s also comfortable for the patient too!

About the same size as an electric toothbrush, this clever instrument, which utilises standard rechargeable batteries, has a built-in torque contro system (10- 40 Ncm), five different speed settings (plus reverse mode), and a calibration facility too.

We currently have a limited number of these Cordless Drivers available at special pricing – call us on 1800 422 287 if you are interested.