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28 April 2017


The increasing role of intra-oral digital scanning in orthodontic practices and the many applications 3D printing can offer are just two of the most exciting areas of technology in contemporary orthodontics. Accurate, high-definition digital impressions can now be easily produced and sent instantaneously and securely through on-line direct file transfer, providing many benefits and efficiencies for orthodontics practices. For example, poor quality alginate impressions become a thing of the past and no longer is there time spent waiting for a courier to pick up alginate impressions, enabling far more flexible patient scheduling.

Whilst ORTHOMAX does not currently sell digital scanners, 3D printers or other related types of equipment, we consider ourselves very fortunate to work with companies who utilise these modern technologies to make orthodontics better and more efficient.

3D Technology for Orthotics

One example of these companies resides only minutes away from our office in the nearby suburb of Surrey Hills. Based in Melbourne since 1991, tdl Precision Orthodontics is a fully serviced orthodontic dental laboratory using the latest technology available to provide consistent, seamless high quality products and service to a national client base (many of whom also use products from ORTHOMAX).

Through its Cloud 3 digital orthodontics service, tdl Precision Orthodontics has embraced and is leading the way in high-resolution 3D printing as an alternative for producing dental models with faster turn around and cost efficiency. This allows them to create the full range of orthodontic appliances, including fabrication of appliances to suit our BENEfit palatal anchorage system as well as sequential aligners.

For more information about how your practice can benefit from the new digital era, contact tdl Precision Orthodontics on (03) 8809 0988 or [email protected].

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