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13 December 2016

Technology Update

Whilst many of the major recent advances in orthodontics have revolved around the digital world – intra-oral scanning, digital models and archwires bent by robots just to name a few – there are still lots of improvements being made in the world of orthodontic product development.

Improvements in manufacturing processes are one example which has a significant flow-on effect to orthodontics; some new buccal tubes from TOMY in Japan are a great example of this.

In this case, the very latest metal injection molding techniques have been used to manufacture a new second molar tube called a D-Tube which have all the features and benefits of modern buccal tubes but without the bulkiness of traditional tubes.

To the naked eye these tubes appear the same as most other tubes available today. However, upon close inspection there some amazing differences in detail:

  • the external walls of these D-tubes are extremely thin – which reduces the size considerably and takes them away from occlusion
  • the mesial entrance has a perfectly formed funnel for easy wire insertion
  • built-in grooves to assist with ligation
  • smoothed, polished surfaces for patient comfort

All of these features are only possible because of modern manufacturing technology and micro-engineering.

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