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11 May 2018

Time To Save With TOMY International

TOMY International Inc. is Japan’s leading manufacturer and supplier of orthodontic products with an internationally recognised reputation for manufacturing innovation and providing meticulous standards of quality and exceptional attention to detail.

ORTHOMAX is very proud to be the exclusive Australian distributor of the TOMY orthodontic product range and has nearly twenty years experience dealing with their products.

In collaboration with TOMY International in Japan, ORTHOMAX is pleased to make available some previously unseen and super special pricing on the majority of TOMY orthodontic products.

Products manufactured by TOMY in Japan include:

  • Mini-Clippy brackets (InOvation-R)
  • ClippyC brackets (InOvation-C)
  • ClippyL brackets (InOvation-L)
  • Micro Arch Brackets
  • OmniArch Brackets
  • Mini Success Brackets (Mini Ovation)
  • Sentalloy, NeoSentalloy and Bioforce archwires
  • Ideal and SnapFit molar bands (pre-welded and individual)
  • As well as a full range of buccal tubes and accessories

If you are an orthodontic practice in Australia and want to use the highest quality orthodontic materials made in Japan and supplied directly from the manufacturer at the best possible prices and with high levels of customer service, contact your local Territory Manager or call ORTHOMAX 1800 422 287 or [email protected]

In addition to this, ORTHOMAX offers:

  • Fast delivery
  • Friendly, honest, knowledgeable service
  • Payment on monthly account (No need to pre-pay for orders!)
  • No credit card fees

PS. Not sure if the product is manufactured by TOMY ? Look for the “Made in Japan” tag!

Contact your local Territory Manager NOW to arrange an appointment and find out how you can SAVE!

VIC / TAS / SA: Danielle Billson 0417 703 150 [email protected]
QLD / NSW: Bethany Morgan 0408 280 088 [email protected]
WA: Guy Kurzmann 0409 788 386 [email protected]

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